My Frequently Updated List of Resources on Google Ads Scripts

Here’s a list of resources to get you started on using Google Ads Scripts, and learning to write custom scripts for yourself. I’ll be updating the list on a regular basis if I discover additional valuable resources.

Getting Started Guides

I recommend reading my 3 Ways to Getting Started with Adwords Scripts post first.

Next, once you’re ready to get your hands dirty, get ready to install and run your first Adwords Script.

Next, have a look at these great resources to get you up to speed with AdWords Scripts:

Google Developers website Your First Script

Adhawk  Complete Guide to Google Adwords Scripts: Set Up and Best Practices

Seer Interactive Adwords Scripts Intro  Beginner’s Guide to Javascript You Should Know For AdWords Scripts

Search Engine Land Adwords Scripts for Every Level, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

PPC Hero Getting Started with Adwords Scripts

eConsultantcy How to use AdWords scripts, the future of paid search


Some Introduction Videos on Adwords Scripts

[VIDEO] AdHawk – How to use the Adwords Scripts Console

[VIDEO] PPC Hero – Introduction to Adwords Scripts

[VIDEO] PPC Hero – Understanding Adwords Scripts


Adwords Scripts Resources from Google

Google Developers website for Adwords Scripts

Google’s own portal on Adwords Scripts with getting started guides, tutorials, code snippets, the Reference manual and complete scripts for some popular use cases.

Adwords Scripts Forum

This is the place to ask questions if you get stuck. Get answers from the community within hours. The people from the Adwords Scripts Team are pretty active as well and usually respond within one working day.


(Online) JavaScript Tutorials

Learn the Basics of the Language of Adwords Scripts

To get the most out of the enormous potential of Adwords Scripts you need at least a decent understanding of JavaScript.


Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including JavaScript.

It’s a great resource to give you a good grasp of the basics of the language of Adwords Scripts and get started using them.

Other online tutorials include Team Treehouse,  w3schools JS Tutorial, Mozilla web docs, the JavaScript Road Trip at Code School, Free Code Camp,  WatchAndCode, and the video courses on Udemy.

More Advanced JavaScript Resources

Eloquent JavaScript , JS The Right Way , CodeWars

And if you’re really serious about learning how to code your own scripts, -> You Don’t Know Javascript .

Also if you like watching video’s of a funny weird guying teaching you advanced Javascript topics: this is the place for you.



Reddit offers great communities that are willing to share knowledge and experience.


r/Adwords Scripts



Collections of Adwords Scripts

My personal list with of over 250 Google Ads Scripts. I’ve been searching for and collecting publicly available scripts for over a year. Here’s the result in the most complete list of Google Ads Script you will find online:   Nils Rooijmans -Ultimate List of over 250 Google Ads Scrips.

Search Engine Land posts with Adwords Scripts Diverse scripts from diverse authors

Brainlabs Blog with great scripts by Daniel Gilbert one of the first Adwords Script collections out there by Russell Savage

Optmyzr’s Free Scripts, great scripts by probably the most popular script developer Frederick Vallaeys

Karooya Blog with valuable scripts from the team at Karooya

Clicteq’s list of 120 Adwords Scripts , probably the most complete list currently out there (but wait unitl I publish mine ;).

Koozai’s list of 100 Adwords Script you shoud be using, another great list.

PPC Reddit’s list of Adwords Scripts, list of code snippets maintained by the PPC Reddit community.

The Best Google Ads Scripts of 2018, my own curated list of last year’s top scripts.


Adwords Scripts Developers Developer Directory

Freelance developers on Upwork


Missed anything?
Add your resources to the comments below, or send me an email: nils [at]

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