The Best Google Ads Scripts of 2018

Best Google Ads Scripts 2018
Best Google Ads Scripts 2018

With TONs of scripts out there where do you even begin !?! 
Let me spare you the pain of endlessly searching for, installing and testing all these new scripts that came out in 2018. Here’s a list with my favorites.
Oh, and i will share my all-time list of 200+ Google Ads Scripts as well.

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Effortlessly Monitor Close Variants with this Google Ads Script


2018, Oct 6: Added Close Variant search terms to seperate sheet.

2018, Sep 23: Added Cost metrics, and added column for analyzing the difference in Cost per Conversion between the Exact Match keyword and its Close Variants.

2018, Sep 16: Added Click metrics, and “Alerting Percentage Highlighting” to output.


Google Ads Exact Match Close Variants

Google’s exact match close variants will expand again: Google is using it’s “AI” to include same meaning variations, and searches with “same intent”.

According to Google, this change will roll out for English keywords through October, with more languages to follow over the next few months.

So, Google is removing yet another level of control for experienced account managers. Exact Match will no longer be…Exact Match. Google provides itself with a lot more runway to match your exact keywords to whatever the heck they deem relevant.

In order to make sure this change does not harm the performance of my clients’ accounts i decided to write script to monitor the impact.
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How to Set Up and Run Adwords Scripts

You KNOW you HAVE TO get started with Adwords scripts to take your skills and Adwords performance to the next level.

You just…haven’t…started…yet.

You’re probably feeling like your manager who is looking at your excel sheets. Where do you even begin?!?

And then there is the Adwords Scripts interface. A bit Intimidating maybe? Confusing, for sure!

Fear no more.

Here’s a short demo on how to actually install and have a script running in Adwords, within 5 minutes!

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How to Make Time to Learn Coding Adwords Scripts

There are lots of excuses people make for not progressing in learning a new skill like coding; I’m not smart enough, it’s too hard, I can’t remember the concepts, I have different priorities now etc. But the ONE EXCUSE I hear the most frequent is…

“Dude, I’m already so busy managing a ton of accounts. I don’t have any time to learn how to write my own Adwords Scripts!”
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My Frequently Updated List of Resources on Google Ads Scripts

Here’s a list of resources to get you started on using Google Ads Scripts, and learning to write custom scripts for yourself. I’ll be updating the list on a regular basis if I discover additional valuable resources.

Getting Started Guides

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