How Knowing Adwords Scripts will Improve Your Career, For Sure

“How will learning Adwords Scripts progress my career?”

That’s a no brainer. Adwords Scripts increase your earning potential. Whether you’re an employee, freelancer or agency owner. Automating PPC tasks will enable you to dramatically increase your salary, or charge waaaay more $$$ for the same work that (thanks to scripts) requires less time, less people.

Also, using Adwords Scripts you’ll enjoy your work more.

Google Ads Scripts Salary

Adwords Scripts benefits for employees

An increasing number of job listings in digital marketing ask for “scripting knowledge” or at least mention it as a desired skill. It’s a big plus on your resume that will make most agencies and many large in-house PPC managers want to hire you. Having this skill shows you have a resourceful mentality, you like problem solving and have a desire to learn. These are all attributes that will make it easier to land better jobs.

Knowing how to use Adwords Scripts will also project your career upwards by impressing your colleagues and your boss. Your output will feel like magic to them and they will value and appreciate your work even more than they do already. You will be able to help your colleagues by relieving some of the burdens of boring repetitive PPC tasks and present bigger results (ROI) to your boss. You’ll be the PPC Rockstar in the company. Eventually this enables you to move up in your company; from PPC specialist to PPC analyst to PPC manager and who knows, become PPC director.

Even if you don’t end up staying in PPC, learning Adwords Scripts will teach you things that can be transferred into almost any job you can think of. Coding Javascript is a globally applicable skill to have.


Adwords Scripts benefits for freelancers

Adwords Scripts will progress your career as a PPC freelancer as well. You can help businesses make more money and as a result make more money for yourself. Thanks to monitoring and alert scripts you will make less mistakes that might cost you clients. Thanks to automated bid management and other scripts for campaign optimization you can deliver more bang for your buck. Clients will notice improved returns and be happier to pay your bills. You will be able to send customized reports with convincing results to your clients. You can even notify them of issues outside of Adwords that are relevant to their business..


Adwords Scripts benefits for agency owners

As an agency owner you want to be working ON your business instead of IN your business. Working on your business will allow it to grow. But working on the business also takes a lot of time. Time you can’t spend in the Adwords interface. Adwords Scripts enable you to spend more time working on the stuff that matters to grow your business by freeing up time and preparing the work you can delegate to your team.

Next to that Adwords Scripts will enable you to drive your account performance. Given the right pricing model this directly translates into additional revenue for your company.


BONUS: Knowing Adwords Scripts and understanding code gives you an insight into the way the world works that most people don’t have. Algorithms drive the future of humanity. Best be part of it! 🙂

Wait, don’t close this tab just yet!

Your career won’t get far if you just consume this knowledge and then…do nothing. We need some action.

I challenge you to spend 5 minutes to, right now:

  1. think about what tasks you would like to automate that will improve your career
  2. write down the tasks and include how you think/hope they will improve your career
  3. send me an email with your output and i will respond with my take on how to make this dream a reality.
    In my response i will include actionable steps that will take you there as quickly as possible.
    Mail to .

Then, if you feel ready, start here to get going with Adwords Scripts.

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