A Good Book for learning Adwords Scripts. Does it even exist?

Books on Adwords Scripts
Books on Adwords Scripts?

“Is there a good book out there that teaches how to use and create Adwords Scripts?”

Short Answer: No.

Believe me. I’ve spent many unbillable hours searching for a book to finally get started using Adwords Scripts. If found none. Zero.

While there are many books out there on learning the JavaScript programming language, none of them is tailored to Adwords Scripts specifically or even mentions the topic.

Also, there are a lot of books on Adwords in general, however, none of them addresses Adwords Scripts in detail.

So, no book.
This is actually the reason I decided to write one myself (signup for my newsletter below for updates on the progress).
This does not mean you won’t be able to learn to use/edit/write Adwords Scripts today though!

Here are my tips on getting started today. With or without books.

1. Learn the basics of JavaScript

If you are not already familiar with the programming language JavaScript head over to the JavaScript course on CodeCademy. This is an easy interactive course that will teach you the basic concepts of the language. (Read more on the use of CodeCademy for Adwords Scripts for further details)

If you really prefer a (physical) book to learn the JavaScript language I recommend a paperback copy of A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript. The great thing about this book is that it has interactive exercises at the end of each chapter that will really make sure you grasp the material. After that, try Eloquent Javascript. Note: the book is also available online in PDF format, for FREE.

2. Start fooling around with some basic Adwords Script examples

After familiarising yourself with the basics of JavaScript or if you are already familiar with the language of JavaScript, I recommend you start playing around with different things inside the AdWords Script Editor. Since there is no course specifically on Adwords Scripts (yet) you’ll have to start digging into AdWords Scripts on your own. Start easy, install a simple script.

Learn about the concept of Iterators and Selectors. Start iterating over your own campaigns/ad groups and keywords. Report on some statistics. Log the results of your script and look at the results of what you are doing in Preview mode. Copy-paste some of the Google code samples and edit parts of the code.  If you feel confident find some more prebuilt scripts to start screwing around with. Have some fun!

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