The Best Adwords Script I Have Ever Used

“What is the best AdWords script you have ever used?”

Although i have many favorite scripts in my arsenal and they are all very useful there is one single clear winner for me. This is the script i install the first day when taking over a new account. It is also a great way to finally get started using Adwords Scripts.

I’m talking about a script that automatically alerts me if any of my landers are broken: the Broken Link Checker script, published by our friends at Google.

Broken links occur because of many reasons, most oout of your control. Not the least one is IT deploying new versions of the website without proper testing. Recognizable? Uhhh, yeah.

A click on a broken landing page url not only is a waste of your budget, it’s also a missed opportunity to convert. That visitor is never coming back! Next to that, it’s a negative brand experience that even might hurt future CTRs, and thus Quality Scores.

What makes this script my winning script?

My all-time favorite script enables me to do something that is practically impossible without automation. In this sense, it does not improve the efficiency of my work that much, since before using the script i just didn’t do this task at all. (Yes, fair to say i’ve spend buckets of coin on clicks to 404 error pages, especially from sitelinks).
It does however enormously improve the effectivity of my work. How so? Well, it reduces the amount of wasted ad spend in my accounts and reduces missed opportunities for increasing revenue.
More revenue, at fewer costs! That makes me a happy camper.

Next to that, the script is publicly available, open source and free to use.
It is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to run. You don’t need any scripting knowledge whatsoever to get started with this one.
It is well documented and continuously supported by Google developers. So no worries of running a script that malfunctions. No need to debug or maintain anything yourself.

So…do yourself a favor. Make sure all your links work correctly.
Install the script. Set it, forget it.

PRO TIP: let your fellow SEO colleagues know when you’ve discovered some broken links. They will thank and praise you for it.

And for all you working at an agency, here’s the MCC version of the script.


PS: i’m preparing a book on Adwords Scripts. Want to know more?

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