About me

Hi, i’m Nils and i’m here to boost your Adwords skills and performance.


You´re probably already running Adwords ads.

Are you finding it difficult to get more traffic and sales through your website, at an affordable price?

Would you like to grow your business by getting more clients for less costs, starting tomorrow?

Do your competitors outperform you in the search engines?


You’re not alone. Many of my clients have been there.


You’re not sure if you’re really getting the max out of your Adwords spending?

Are you up to date with all the latest features that can bring you money, like advanced Google Shopping settings?

Or do you simply want to make sure that other guy who is managing your Adwords campaigns is doing a great job?



I know. I’ve been there. Many times in fact.

Ever since 1999, the year i got started in the business of Search, i’ve tried, failed and luckily succeeded many times in growing the revenue numbers for multiple clients.


And i’m here to help you repeat their successes.


Why me?


Because i’ve been in the business of Search for over 15 years. At the start of this millenium i was responsible for the technology and business side of the major Dutch search engine (before Google that was): ilse.nl

Since then, i’ve seen the dawn and rise of search engine marketing (SEO and SEA/PPC), and helped over 100 clients grow their business thanks to traffic from search engines.

I translate your business goals into measurable KPI’s for your online (search) marketing.

From there, i will provide and implement a search marketing strategy that is both profitable and accountable from the start. No more questions about ROI. It’ll all be visible from the start so you can do you what you do best: run your business and make business decisions on where to invest.

 I´m a big fan of automation. Automation enables me to deliver great value at scale, at low costs (no unnecessary man hours). 

I love what i do because i’m good at it and because of the smiles i get from my clients while i improve their profit margins.


I’m here to help.

Let me show you how i can make you happy and make your eCommerce Store a profit machine.

Contact me for free advice on the next step that will make the biggest impact on the growth of your business.

For free advice send your questions to: nils [at] nilsrooijmans.com