What will happen to Adwords Scripts after the Rebrand to Google Ads?

By the end of June 2018 Google decided to rebrand Adwords to Google Ads.

Adwords Scripts heavily make use of the Adwords brand in naming objects and functions. Should we be worried?

The short answer: NO.

There is no need to worry.

According to a Google representative, the future of Adwords Scripts is not in danger and you do not have to change your old code.

At some point in the future there will be a rebrand of AdWords Scripts to align with the change of AdWords to Google Ads. We should watch the Google Ads Developer Blog for updates on this change.

Some types and methods may be renamed to align with the rebrand. However, this will be done such that all the existing script code will continue to work without any changes. The main difference you will see is updated docs and autocomplete, recommending that newer scripts use the new names.

Google Ads Scripts are here to stay, and there is no need for you to immediately update your code ! 🙂