ReferenceError: “MccApp” is not defined. How to fix?

‘ReferenceError: “MccApp” is not defined.’

If you get this error then most probably one of the following issues occurred:

  1. You are running an MCC script at the single account level. 
    The script was created for the MCC level and you try to run it at the single account level. The MccApp is only accessible at the MCC level.
    Solution: double check the account level in which you are implementing the script (should be on MCC level). Make sure that you run the script from within your MCC account., and it should work fine.
    Also, if you are trying to run a script created by our friends from Google, there is a big chance they will have an account level version of the script available to you.  If so, you can use the client account equivalent of this script which can be found here. Look for Single Account.
  2. There’s a typo in your call to MccApp
    The language of Google Ads Scripts is case sensitive. Compare ‘MCCApp’ versus ‘MccApp’.  Can you spot the difference?
    Solution: double check the spelling and capitalization.
  3. You’re running the code in Google Sheets instead of Adwords/Google Ads
    You might be trying to run the code from a Spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
    Note that the MCC script needs to be run in the Google Ads UI.
    Solution: Create the Google Ads script in Google Ads.