7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Adwords Scripts

“Why would I go over all the trouble of setting up an Adwords Script in the first place?”

Great question. Asking the “Why” before the “What” and “How” keeps us on track. It helps us focus on the stuff that really matters when we take on a new project. Learning how to use Adwords Scripts is no exception.

There are at least seven reasons why you will benefit from using Adwords Scripts:

  1. You can automate the tedious monotonous PPC tasks that just take hours to finish
    Think sifting through search term reports, filtering endless excel sheets, clicking around like a ferret on speed trying to find the ad groups that don’t yet have price extensions, applying guesstimated bid modifiers all over the place, adding your keywords as a negative in your DSA campaigns, negating keywords like crazy in your Shopping campaigns, Fixing Capitalization Mistakes in Your Ad Copy, etc…etc…Oh, and did I mention the everlasting checks of monthly budget spent?
  2. Automatically increase your account performance
    Automatically increase bids on cheap high conversion keywords, stop ads from showing for irrelevant search terms, discover bad performing keywords without fail, how about self-activating ads that mention the rain when weather conditions are wet. The list goes on and on…
  3. Make fewer mistakes
    Send less (paid!) traffic to broken links, receive an alert if someone in your team mistakenly paused whole campaigns, monitor Google’s latest AI “improvements”,   automagically pause campaigns if your monthly budget runs out, receive an SMS if billing issues occur.
  4. Make adjustments while you sleep
    Immediately pause ad groups for products that just ran out of stock. Pause all campaigns if your website is down. All from the comfort of your bed.
  5. Spend less time on reporting and analyzing, more on strategy
    Answer questions like “How does my performance vary by hour of the week” in the split of a second.
  6. Help and impress your colleagues and the Boss
    Share broken links and newly discovered keywords with your SEO colleagues, help your non-techy PPC teammates build campaigns and ad groups from a Google Sheet, show your boss graphs on how you beat the competition over time.
  7. Improve your career opportunities
    Increase your value, get a salary raise, open up new career opportunities in adjacent fields, get selected for a better job.

So now you know “Why” you should get started with Adwords Script. Read my “3 Ways to Get Started with Adwords Scripts” on the “How” to get started using scripts in less than 30 minutes.

Scripts are like an extra pair of hands. Once you get a feel for what is possible ( a LOT!) you can’t live without them.

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